Why You Need to Switch to Green Carpet Cleaning

People from the field of alternative health prescribe stepping on soil to remove excess electrical charge from the body – a process that sounds dubious because it is generally known that we can contract germs and worms from the ground, right? Although walking barefoot on a carpet sounds safer, carpets harbor volatile organic compounds or VOCs which can prove to be detrimental to health.

Warning: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

The VOCs from carpets and inorganic chemical cleaners have different effects. The New York State Department of Health lists short term symptoms of VOC exposure as dizziness, headaches, light-headedness, nausea, eye and skin irritation. Animal testing on the effects of long term exposure to VOCs include cancer and conditions involving the nervous system, the liver and the kidneys. Certain studies also point to VOCs found in commercial carpet cleaners may cause hypothyroidism in women.

VOCs aren’t just transmitted through skin contact since carpets emit them to the air. Indoor air quality becomes compromised due to the buildup of VOCs in a home or a building’s internal climate. This is especially significant when the carpet is new and has just been installed. The cleaners used on the carpets also increase the likelihood of heightened VOC emissions.

The dangers posed by these substances are the reasons why people need to be conscious about their carpet buying options and about the services of their carpet cleaners. Since carpets occupy a lot of space in the home, it is important that people only get cleaners and cleaning services which use non-toxic, environmentally-friendly solutions. Consumers need to enlist carpet cleaners who prefer to use Bio-based cleaning compounds and who avoid the use of synthetic cleaners. These practitioners care about their customers enough to avoid chemically overloading their carpets.

Enter the Choice Green Carpet Cleaner in Boston, MA

When thinking about environmentally carpet cleaners in Boston, people have a choice in Kennedy Carpet Cleaning. Kennedy Carpet Cleaning uses Prochem’s Axiom detergent – a carpet cleaning solution which has met the standards of the Carpet and Rug Institute. The CRI is the trusted industry authority and regulator on carpet and rug cleaners and services. Axiom detergents are butyl and phosphate free, biodegradable, and VOC-compliant. It won’t leave residues on your carpet that can affect you and your family’s health.

Why risk your family’s wellness? Include environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services and cleaners in your sustainable lifestyle choices. In Boston, your main choice is Kennedy Carpet Cleaning. Aside from green carpet cleaning, Kennedy Carpet also offers the following services:

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