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Sink Overflow Prevention in Boston, MA

Sink overflow in Boston can be a very tricky subject in the United States. Unlike bathtubs, sinks (kitchen ones in particular) normally lack an overflow drain to prevent an excess of water from filling the sink. However, in places like Europe, it’s more common to find everyday household sinks containing an overflow drain to prevent any accident.

The reason behind this is because U.S. plumbing codes don’t require the fitting of an overflow drain on sinks; so many manufacturers don’t bother with it anymore. Manufacturers from other countries have always had the practice of including drains with their sinks in contrast.

This comes with its own set of pros and cons, of course. The inclusion of an overflow drain can create some sanitation risks due to food and dirt particles being lodged in the additional drain. And while your sink doesn’t run the risk of overflowing, it does mean that additional effort must be put into cleaning the extra drain.

Regardless, cleanliness is the best practice that can prevent any kind of sink overflow. However, if you have any problems regarding overflowing sinks, you can always give us a call at Kennedy Restoration Services. We specialize in all kinds of sink repair. We also have experts who can look into removing any clogs and stoppages that appear in your plumbing.

For more information regarding our sink overflow services, feel free to drop us an inquiry through our Contact Us page.

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