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Garage Water Damage in Boston, MA

When a garage floods, Kennedy Carpet performs water damage restoration to get your place back to normal.

Your garage houses more than just vehicles. For a lot of people, it’s also a storeroom for electrical equipment, utility supplies and old furnishings that you don’t want to dispose of just yet. Like any other part of your home or workplace, your garage can sustain profound damage if a significant amount of water finds its way in. Leaks, spills and natural disasters are all possible sources of water intrusion in your garage.

When this happens, everything that has metal components is immediately threatened. Water is a catalyst in the formation of rust which gradually eats away at your property. Wood, drywall and textiles will also weaken once heavily exposed to water. In some cases, mold spores can activate and grow, creating a health hazard for you and the other people who visit your garage.

Don’t let water intrusion decimate your garage structure and its contents. If you detect water intrusion in your garage, call Kennedy Restoration Services immediately. We are the premier water damage restoration service provider in Boston, Massachusetts. With decades of combined experience, up-to-date practices and the most advanced equipment in the business, we have the capability to get your garage back to how it was prior to the flood. We specialize in water extraction, dehumidification, cleanup and repair work on any garage, no matter how badly damaged it was by water.

Call Kennedy Restoration Services today and get instant help from our friendly staff. We're ready to talk to you and answer your questions any time of the day. If you want to inquire via email, simply use the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you at once.

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