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Ceiling Water Damage in Boston, MA

Kennedy Carpet handles all your home water damage restoration needs, even ceiling repairs.

Water damage within your ceiling in Boston is one of the most treacherous types of water intrusion. Water can stay hidden overhead for years, producing a musty odor, weakening your structure and encouraging mold growth overhead without giving you a clue about what’s going on. If you’ve experienced a recent plumbing leak or heavy rain in your area, it’s always best to have your ceiling checked for possible internal flooding.

Kennedy Restoration Services is the leading provider of water damage restoration services in Boston, Massachusetts. We have the skills, experience and equipment necessary for successfully addressing ceiling water damage. When you call us for help, we’ll take the following steps to make sure your ceiling is brought back to its pre-water intrusion conditions:

  1. Thorough inspection

  2. Damage mapping

  3. Water source shutdown

  4. Water extraction

  5. Deodorization, cleanup and disinfection

  6. Replacement and repair of damaged sections

  7. Painting

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Don’t let water accumulate, create health hazards and eat away at your property little by little. Whether your ceiling is made of drywall, plaster or wood, it needs to be protected against possible water seepage. Kennedy Restoration Services in Boston is your partner in water damage remediation in the New England area. Call us today or use our Contact Us form for immediate requests and inquiries.