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Carpet Water Damage in Boston, MA

Kennedy Carpet handles your carpet after water damage restoration.

When water intrusion happens in the Boston area, your carpets are among the first things to take a hit. These floor coverings hug your floors and they can be fully submerged underwater even when a flood isn’t too severe. When this happens, water weakens the carpet’s fibers and attacks the latex backings that hold it together. Even after drying a carpet, its durability is compromised and it becomes more susceptible to wear and tear.

Making things worse, that water exposure spurs the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi within your carpet’s fibers. These tiny organisms can irritate your skin, trigger respiratory conditions and even inflict serious illnesses on you and your family.

If you’ve had recent water intrusion and your carpets got soaked, call Kennedy Restoration Services immediately. We are Boston, Massachusetts’ top authority on carpet cleaning and restoration services. We specialize in salvaging carpets that have endured heavy water exposure and bringing them back to their pre-disaster forms. We have the knowledge, equipment and experience necessary for rendering top-quality services this side of New England.

When you call Kennedy Restoration Services, our friendly team will send qualified personnel over to inspect your water damage situation. Based on the state of your carpets, we’ll tell you if the carpet can be restored and how much it will cost. With your approval, we’ll take your carpet to our facility for a thorough cleaning and restoration job.

Contact us today and get fast assistance from our staff. If you want to inquire via email, you can also use our Contact Us form.

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