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Thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging Testing in Boston, MA

Thermal imaging is an important part of our water damage restoration process. It allows us to perform thorough and accurate inspections by letting us see through walls, floors and ceilings without tearing the structure down.

Thermal imaging works by having a special lens focus on the infrared rays that bounce off the objects in view. These rays are sensed by phased arrays of infrared detectors. The more intense the infrared signature is, the higher the heat concentration. Water, being a good heat conductor, tends to stand out from the rest of the solid objects in the area where it’s hidden. Its temperature is never exactly the same as that of the other objects in plain sight, giving its presence away to trained experts looking for it.

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Here at Kennedy Restoration Services, we have some of the best thermal imaging gear in Boston, Massachusetts. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff who handle these devices know exactly when and where to use the equipment. By using thermal imaging, we prevent water from doing incremental damage in areas where you can’t see it lingering. We also save you money by avoiding the costly act of tearing down portions of your structure to make sure water isn’t hiding from plain view.

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