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Water Damage Inspection

Water Damage Inspection Process in Boston, MA

Identifying the source of water damage requires a meticulous eye for detail. It also takes the right kind of tools to be able to give an effective assessment as to the extent of the damage. Kennedy Restoration Services employs a skilled team of professional technicians who have years of experience when it comes to pinpointing and evaluating the signs of water damage.

Water Damage Inspection Process

Pinpointing the Sources – Identifying where water has intruded in the structure is one of the most important things to kick off the process. Flood waters entering a home are very easy to identify, but more subtle intrusions like ceiling leaks and floorboard water damage may be more difficult to find. In this case, we have specialized equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors to help us do our job.

Water Sanitation Categorizing – Being able to classify the types of water intruding on the property can help us decide the course of action on how to remove it. Water is generally classified into three levels of increasing toxicity: white water, gray water and black water.

Investigation and Documentation – Once all points of intrusion and water toxicity levels have been identified, we can now move on to checking the rest of the site for any other types of damage. Structural and property damage will be documented so as to facilitate any insurance claims that the owners may want to file. Items that are still salvageable will also be documented so they can either be brought to our facility for restoration or returned to the owners if they are still in good working order.

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All this information will be used by Kennedy Restoration Services to help initiate the eventual cleanup process to come. We will be sure to give you a fair evaluation for any water damage incurred on your property and then forward an equally fair quotation to you. For more information regarding our quotes, you can leave us an inquiry at our Contact Us page.