Tips on How to Keep Your Car Upholstery Spotless

Your car is one of your biggest investments, so do you really want its upholstery to end up filthy and stinky beyond recognition? You can have a month-old car, but if you don’t give it the kind of care that it needs to stay fresh and clean on the inside, then it might just well be an old, musty horse-drawn carriage.

People’s modern-day lifestyles here in Boston, Massachusetts, don’t help at all in their goal to keep their vehicle upholstery spotless. Spills from fast food meals, mess from rambunctious children, dander from playful pets, and who knows what else can all contribute to your car upholstery’s untimely demise.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prevent this from happening. Read on and find out how.

Vacuum regularly – Well, it’s a no-brainer, right? Food crumbs, pet fur, beach sand, and all sorts of other stuff can get inside your vehicle. Make sure to vacuum-clean regularly to prevent unwanted particles and contaminants from getting between the seat joints or abrading the surface of your upholstery.

Have a trash bag ready – Car owners should always have a trash bag ready for those times when you need to get rid of something fast. Imagine what all those burger wrappers and half-finished soda cans would do to your car seats if you don’t put them away immediately. 

Get car seat covers – It’s one thing to leave your car upholstery unprotected if you’re going to be driving alone, but if you’re taking the car on a road trip with your friends and family with a pet in tow, car seat covers can provide ample protection from all the abuse it might suffer. Car seat covers can be obtained from your dealer, or it can also be custom-made by a manufacturer for your car. 

Don’t let spills sit for too long – Spilled soda on your car upholstery? Get a paper towel or washcloth and blot the spill immediately. Don’t wipe or the stain could spread. It’s a good idea to have a trusted brand of upholstery cleaner that you can use when such accidents occur. The cleaner should be suitable to the kind of material your upholstery is made of. If you are not sure about how to get rid of the stain, have a professional cleaner do it for you.

Use interior upholstery protector – There are commercially available stain repellent solutions which you can use to prevent stains from setting. Whether it’s coffee, food grease, pet urine, mud, or lipstick stain, it’ll wash off easier when your upholstery is treated with a stain repellent.

Eat and drink elsewhere – It’s good to have an enjoyable family bonding time getting snacks from a drive-thru or going on a cross-country road trip and eating together inside the vehicle. However, if you can avoid eating in your vehicle altogether, your car will thank you for it. Why not have an outdoor picnic or eat out at a nice restaurant instead?

Keep things orderly – You know that dry cell battery you left in the front passenger’s seat or those colored markers the kids were playing with in the backseat? They could actually stain your car’s upholstery. Keep your car tidy at all times to prevent such accidents from happening. Make sure to throw away all garbage immediately, especially drinks in uncovered containers.

If you live in or around Boston, Massachusetts, and are in need of car upholstery cleaning services, please call Kennedy Carpet today at 888-536-6339. We can clean your vehicle’s interior mats, carpets, and upholstered seats.

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