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Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Acushnet, Massachusetts

Carpets always make a home feel warmer particularly. That can be especially true on a cold winter night in Acushnet, MA. In addition to warming up a room, carpets dampen the noise in a house, making it easier for the inhabitants to concentrate, focus, learn and sleep.

Today's environment-friendly and durable carpets are more resistant to fading and stains while holding up to heavy foot traffic. In addition, carpets actually can improve your air quality by trapping airborne contaminants and preventing them from circulating freely through the ducts of your HVAC system. 

For this to work, of course, carpets must be cleaned regularly to prevent to particles from accumulating. That means you should have professional carpet cleaning performed on a regular basis by a reliable company. For more than 40 years in Acushnet MA, that company has been Kennedy Carpet.

Although "Carpet" is part of our name, our company also handles full-service restoration projects. We provide water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke & soot restoration and much more!

Floor, Area Rug & Commercial Cleaning Services by Kennedy Carpet in Acushnet, MA

Among the myriad of services we offer to customers in Acushnet, MA includes:

Carpet Cleaning Services - We are the leading company when it comes to carpet cleaning and restoration. We use the latest in carpet cleaning technology, and we use steam cleaning to take care of deep-seated debris, stubborn spills, and stains.

Floor Cleaning Services - We clean all kinds of floors. For hardwood floors, we can do a dry mop or an intensive two-part cleaning and rinsing process, then a hardwood re-finisher application. We also do tile and grout cleaning, and we can even work with vinyl composite tiles and linoleum. 

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Area Rug Cleaning Services - Rugs do a good job of adding personality to a room. They are also good at adding insulation and making a room look and feel warmer. But just like with carpets, they tend to accumulate dust and other debris. Talk with us for a professional deep cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services - Clean shops encourage more business. It’s important but it shouldn’t be something you have to worry about as a business owner or manager. It’s a lot better to ask Kennedy Cleaning—a specialized cleaning company—to do the dirty job for you so you’ll have more time on actually growing your business. 

Water, Fire, Soot & Smoke Damage Restoration by Kennedy Carpet in Acushnet, MA

Our certified technicians can handle much more than carpet cleaning for our legions of satisfied customers in Acushnet MA and throughout the Greater Boston Area. In addition to our wide variety of floor-cleaning options, we also offer fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, smoke & soot damage restoration, and storm damage restoration. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 888-369-8626 to get a free estimate or make an appointment. 

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