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New Carpets in Boston, Massachusetts

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There’s a good reason why carpets are the most popular floor covering in the United States: they add warmth, comfort and beauty to any home or workplace at a reasonable cost. Carpets come in all sorts of material and style combinations. Whatever your preferences are, there’s bound to be a carpet that suits your taste and needs.

If you’re planning to add a carpet to your residential or commercial space in Boston, look no further than Kennedy Carpet. We are the premier provider of carpet sales and services in the New England area. With decades Kennedy carpet showroom ‌in stock carpet flooring samples. of experience, a committed workforce and a wide selection of quality carpets, Kennedy Carpet is your logical choice when you’re looking for help in finding and installing the best floor cover for your property.

Whether exotic oriental carpets tickle your fancy or you lean towards the more Western Saxony look, you can rely on us to supply it to you and install it for you. Our services also extend to cleaning and maintenance so that your carpets enjoy long service lifespans while looking "like new" year in and year out.

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The Advantages of Carpets

For centuries, carpets have been very popular across the world, especially Boston, because of the following outstanding qualities that they bring to our buildings:

  • Warmth and Insulation – Because they’re made up of fibers, carpets retain heat and don’t allow your feet to get in contact with cold concrete or stone floors. In the colder months, carpets help your home or workplace trap heat. This eases the burden on your HVAC system, slowing down wear and tear while saving you a bundle on energy bills.

  • Comfort – A lot of carpets are soft enough that they take away from the stress that your ankles, knees and back incur as you stand up and walk around. This is particularly good to have in commercial spaces where employees move around to perform their functions.

  • Style – Carpets can bear simple, eye-pleasing colors that complement your interior design. They can also bear intricate patterns that add a new dimension to your place’s overall look. For homeowners, a carpet can be a venue for expressing their visual preferences. For businessesmen and businesswomen, it’s a means to impress customers and to help employees feel more at ease.

  • Cost-effectiveness – Most carpets are significantly more affordable than hardwood, natural stone and tiles. There are plenty of types and styles to choose from, which means more opportunities to find the best combination of cost and value for money. It’s also easy to install, which cuts down on labor costs when you stack it up against other flooring options.

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