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Laminate Flooring in Boston, Massachusetts

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring in Boston is an excellent alternative to hardwood and tiles. It has a lower price point, it’s easy to install and it’s very durable. The best part is that its cost-effectiveness and utility do not compromise its aesthetic value. In fact, laminate flooring can look as good as high-end wood when it’s laid out properly on any residential or commercial space.

Laminate is a type of manufactured material derived from products such as melamine resin and fiber board material. These ingredients form a very rigid core that allows it to withstand lots of pressure. Laminate floorings are topped off with an image of wood and a smooth coat to hold it together and give it added protection.

The Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate offers several benefits that give it an edge over other flooring options that you can use for your Boston home or workplace. When you opt for laminate, expect the following advantages to work for you:

  • Lower Cost – Compared to natural wood and ceramic tiles, laminate is significantly cheaper. You can expect to pay less than half of what you would for hardwood on a per-square foot basis when you go with this alternative material.

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  • Durability – Laminate doesn’t fade, chip, buckle or crack like wood even when it’s used in areas with high volumes of human traffic. It can take heavy punishment for several years before you start seeing wear and tear setting in.

  • Easy to Install – Because it can be cut in different sizes and shapes, laminate flooring units are easy to lay out and set up on your floor. You can get professionals to do this for you or you can research the procedure and do it yourself. Installation usually does not involve heavy and hazardous work, making it safe for the average person to do.

  • Stylish – Laminate can be made to look like a lot of different traditional flooring materials. Most commonly, it can imitate the look of wood and ceramic tiles. The great thing about laminate is that it can mimic top-tier wood types without increasing the prices that it commands.

  • Easy to Replace – Like any other flooring material, laminate will not last forever in its peak form. At some point, it’ll start showing its age and you’ll need to replace it. The great thing about laminate is it doesn’t require massive overhaul work to do that. Within a day, an average home or office’s laminate floor can be uninstalled and a new set of pieces can be put in its place. This is usually work that’s better left at the hands of professionals but if you’ve got the knowledge and equipment, you can do it yourself and save some money.

  • Versatile – Laminate can be used in just about any room within a building whether it’s commercial or residential. Dens, living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, lobbies and production areas are great places to use laminate. Its elegance, durability and practicality make it a great fit for just about any area within your structure.

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Kennedy Carpet offers a wide array of flooring options for your household or business anywhere in the Boston area. We might specialize in carpets, but we also have a dazzling selection of reasonably-priced, high quality laminate flooring choices. Call us today and get friendly assistance from our knowledgeable staff. We can help you make the best decisions on what type of flooring to get. We’ll also take care of all your purchasing and installation needs. For email inquiries, you may use our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you right away.