Must Have Cleaning Tools and Supplies for Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning can be a difficult and cumbersome task. But why stress yourself by working rough when you can just work smarter? You just need to have the right tools and supplies to make the task easier. Plus, you will be giving your carpet the right kind of care.

Here are the things you’ll need for better carpet cleaning:

Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum cleaners are a must if you want to thoroughly clean your carpet’s fibers. This tool must be able to vacuum soil and dust while keeping the carpet looking good. Cleaning your carpets with a vacuum cleaner regularly keeps them from becoming allergen traps, thus improving air quality inside your home.

Carpet Rake – A carpet rake is a handheld tool which allows you to agitate the deepest fibers of a rug in order to loosen and get rid of dirt and dust. It is also good for working a spot cleaning solution into the material of the rug for better absorption and cleaning.

Spot Cleaning Solutions – When a drink spills on a carpet or a pet stains a rug, you can use a spot cleaning solution to treat the area immediately. Use a spot cleaning agent by first blotting out the excess liquid and then by dabbing the solution onto the stain.

Cotton Cleaning Cloths – The rougher kind of fabrics will abrade against your carpet fibers. When you need to blot a stain on your carpet, use only a cloth made of cotton to do it.

UV Blacklight Lamp – You can buy a UV blacklight lamp or wand in order to check your carpet for stains. The blacklight reveals traces of phosphorus, allowing you to identify must clean spots on your carpet.

Steam Cleaner –Since using copious amounts of liquid to clean your carpet can destroy its baseboard and compromise its fibers, steam cleaners are ideal total cleaning tools for rugs and carpets. You will only use a steam cleaner to give your carpet its annual total cleaning treatment so it is better if you rent one from your hardware store.

Now, you know just what you need to treat your carpet or area rug right. But if you want superior care for your property in Boston, MA, please call Kennedy Carpet. Our services go beyond carpets. We also clean upholsteryinstall new flooring, and help you recover from instances of water and smoke and fire damage. You can get in touch with us at our 888-536-6339 number or through the contact form on this page. Kennedy Carpet is your total cleaning solutions partner in New England. Get in touch with us today!

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