How to Care for an Oriental Rug

A poet once said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Oriental rugs, with their intricate patterns, do fit that description. A rug, however, will need constant care and cleaning in order for it to last beyond a lifetime. So how does one do the proper maintenance so it continually gives joy to those who look at it?

Basic Cleaning Tips

  • Vacuum your rug regularly but avoid using a unit with a beater bar. Keep using suction only. The edges of the rug do not need vacuuming that often. 
  • Every half a year, you will need to beat the back of your rug. First, you need to fold the rug midway to expose half of the back. Sweep the floor under the rug and then beat the rug itself. Vacuum the rug with a unit which has a beater bar installed. Unfold the rug and do the same procedure on the other half.
  • If the rug is really old, do not use vacuum cleaners on it.
  • In order to prolong the life of your rug, you will need to rotate it with a spare. A spare rug will help even out the wear from use and will help all your rugs increase their service lives.
  • New rugs are prone to shedding. Just keep cleaning regularly in order to remove any threads and fibrous materials. The rug will shed less and less as it grows old.
  • Rug pads are great for stabilizing rugs but they are not needed all the time. If the flooring is smooth, a rug pad is not needed except if you like the texture and feel of a thick rug. Should the flooring be rough like stone, a rug pad will protect the rug from wear on its underside.
  • Do not place heavy furniture on the rug. Avoid potted plants on top of the rug as well.

Stain/ Spill Removal

  • For stains, never use harsh chemical solutions because they can create permanently discolor the rug.
  • Rug threads have a special lanolin coating which keeps its fibers from easily taking in stains. When a spill happens, immediately use a towel around the edges of the stain to isolate the area. Inject more water as needed. Check if the colors are holding well. Put a under the rug just beneath the spot where the spill occurred in order to prop it up. Use a fan to dry the spot.
  • As much as possible, avoid performing do-it-yourself cleaning on your Oriental rug. Chances are, the treatment may do more harm than good.


To make sure that your rug will be treated with the best care and the right procedure, entrust it to a professional like Kennedy Carpet. Please get in touch with us through our contact form or at 888-536-6339 and our friendly customer service rep will give you a free estimate.

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