Smoke Odor Removal

Dangers of Smoke Odor in Your Carpets

When people see smoke rising up in the sky, it could mean that something is on fire. During this disaster, the majority of people see the flames as an ultimate threat; and although fire does create one of the most disastrous aftermaths, its production of smoke should not be taken lightly.

Smoke is created when fire consumes something. No matter what it is, be it wood, paper, or a stick of cigarette, smoke carries all the chemicals that were used to create that certain item, and spreads it wherever the wind blows. Now, what does this have to do with your carpets, you might ask? Well, once this smoke attaches itself on your carpets, chances are that you will be breathing the same harmful and smelly chemicals it has been carrying.

A home that smells like a cigarette butt or a factory is not only a living discomfort for the residences living in your area, but also a health risk. If your carpets have experienced a recent fire or smoke accident and are in need of immediate smoke removal, there are two ways in which you can remedy the problem. Remove the scent via DIY methods or call in the experts to handle the situation.

Do-It-Yourself Smoke Odor Removals

If the odor is manageable or occupies only a small area of your home, performing do-it-yourself methods will do the trick. Some of these methods clear out the odor within a whole room, while others target a specific space. Some of these examples include:

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