Duct System Smoke Removal

One of the things that can prove the hardest to remove after a fire is the persistent scent of smoke left behind. This residual smoke has the ability to travel throughout your building, and even remain in your air ducts and ventilation system.

Cleaning the Inside of the Duct

Smoke particles, like fumes from other household particles, stick to the walls of the ducts. This is the reason why smoke persists long after someone has smoked a cigarette, or fires have occurred. Use a duster and extend it inside the duct from the opening and rub it against the walls. Try to reach as deep inside of the duct as possible by adjusting the length of the duster handle. If you’re certain that the duster is no longer effective, use a vacuum cleaner to clean any remaining smoke particles. To finish, put an extended hose to the vacuum cleaner and extend it inside the duct, and run it against the walls.

Replace Air Filter

For proper air circulation, clean the air filter in your ducts every month; though, if there is heavy smoking going on inside the house, then you may need to change the air filters more often. Head to the air conditioning unit and check the air filter. If the air filter hasn’t been changed, then expect that it’s clogged up with dust and debris. Replace the old air filter with a new one, and ensure proper maintenance in the future.

Spray Air Sanitizer

After cleaning the air ducts, spray air sanitizer in the rooms and in duct pipes. Use an odor-eliminator to good effect, to ensure that the scent of smoke is replaced by a refreshing fragrance. Concentrate the spraying in rooms where the smoke smell is stronger than the others.

Replace covers and Run Air Conditioning

Smoke particles also accumulate on the covers for air duct openings into a room. Soak the covers in warm water and clean them with a brush. Allow them to dry properly before putting them in their place. With the cover secured, run the air conditioning unit and allow fresh air to circulate and get rid of the stale odor. Use air sanitizer and odor eliminator occasionally until the smell of cigarette has been completely removed. Get a third person’s opinion to determine if they can still detect cigarette smoke odor. If so, use the air sanitizer again until a satisfactory result is achieved.

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