Fire and Smoke Damage

A fire is one of the most devastating disasters that can befall your home or workplace. It damages everything in its wake and threatens human lives as it rages. Even after the fire has been put out, the soot and smoke particles that it leaves behind can continue damaging your property and compromising your health.

If you’ve had a recent fire in your residential or commercial space, you’ll want to make sure that all traces of the fire are removed before you move back in. Soot can irritate your eyes and skin. It can also trigger allergies and induce asthma attacks in people with pre-existing conditions. Smoke particles, on the other hand, are often caustic, which means eating away at wood, metals, fabrics and even living tissue in people who are exposed to it for long time periods.

Don’t let a fire do more damage than it already has done. If you’ve had a recent fire, take the step toward fire and smoke damage cleanup services from Kennedy Restoration Services. We are Boston, Massachusetts’ leading provider of professional cleaning solutions. We’re equipped with best-in-class gear, up-to-date knowledge and decades of combined experience to guarantee your total satisfaction. We are fully committed to restoring your place to its pre-disaster state to eliminate health risks, prevent further damage and set you up for full recovery.

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