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Edit page content

Go to the page that you want to edit and click the Enable Visual Builder.

See image below.

Note: We will try to edit this page. 


Contents are composed of Modules

The common modules we have on the site are the Text Module and Image Module

You can click on a text or image and you will see this icons to popup.

Hover on each of the icons to see what they do.

Move Module

Module Settings

Duplicate Module

Save Module to library

Delete Module

Exit Module


To edit module click on the wrench icon Module Settings.

The text settings module will popup. This is where you will add or edit texts.

Note: It is very important that you only do all edits and addintions here.


If you’re happy on your changes then click save.

Icons are as follows





Edit Image

To edit an image, click on the image and click on the icon for Module Settings

Then choose an image on the library. Or upload an image if the image is not on the library.

See image below.

Go to this link to know on how to Upload and Image

Click save for changes to take effect.

Edit List Icons

Click on the module settings icon.

The only part we need to edit here are the:


and Link (if you want to link the list to a page)

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