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Content Cleaning Services

Content Cleaning Services

There will come a time when your items will experience an event that can render them useless, and in most cases, they are caused by disasters brought by water, fire and smoke, and mold. Yes, it is tempting to clean your damaged items with do-it-yourself methods, but this process can only go so far. If ever you have encountered a crisis, and your furniture, appliances, and the like have been drenched, burnt, or been infested with mold, conventional cleaning tips no longer have the capabilities of making them salvageable. In times like these, you will need the help of a professional team of cleaning experts, the ones at Kennedy Carpet!

The Content Cleaning Process

At Kennedy Carpet, we take the act of cleaning seriously, and consider it as a delicate art form. We make it look easy because we have the proper equipment, know the correct method, and are well-versed with the proper ways of handling all your things.

The Content Cleaning Process

The first thing we do when we arrive is to scan the area and separate those items that are salvageable from those that are not. We have the expert eye to know if your items can still be saved, even though they look completely wrecked and useless. Once we are done, we will send all of your contents back to our facility, so that we may begin the cleaning proper.

Our facility is equipped with the best and high-tech machinery that could easily rub the grime out of their surfaces. Of course, we perform the right cleaning method depending on the materials we are working on, so items that are delicate or soft will be able to recover their primary features and appearance. If smoke or soot has found its way between your appliances, we will remove them gently to not disturb the item’s circuitry. When we have finished, all of your once damaged contents will be held under one final inspection before we return them to you.

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We can clean all sorts of items, from your electronics all the way to your linens and fabrics. Give us a call today at: 888-369-8626 and experience the best content cleaning service in the Boston, Massachusetts, area. We also offer other disaster renovation services, as well as carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning services. Visit our contact page here to know more.