Contents Restoration

It’s common to find your appliances and furniture soaking wet or covered in soot after a fire or flood has occurred in your home or business. Even if these items aren’t seriously damaged, a lot of homeowners won’t think twice about throwing their damaged belongings away and replacing them with new ones. However, replacing everything that was damaged in the catastrophe is expensive. Furniture and appliances can easily set you back thousands of dollars. Luckily, Kennedy Restoration offers a cheaper alternative. With our professional content restoration services, we can salvage your damaged items and give them new life.

Types of Content we Restore

The restoration technicians at Kennedy Restoration are all certified and licensed professionals. Our experts are trained in restoring all kinds of building contents, from materials made of wood, to delicate fabrics and cotton. Of course, we also restore large or gentle items that are heavily damaged by a fire or flood. These include:


Furniture Restoration

Couches, sofas, dining tables and chairs, cabinets, etc.


Electric Appliance and HVAC

HVAC systems, blenders, televisions, electric fans and anything that uses electricity.
b as we possibly can.



birth certificates, passports, important files and papers, medical records and other paperwork.

Why You Should Have Your Property Professionally Restored

Aside from giving your damaged items a second chance and the fact that restoration is cheaper than replacement, contents restoration prevents harmful substances from invading your property. Soaked items become the perfect habitat for mold and dry rot, which can make your living environment uncomfortable and dangerous. On the other hand, soot and smoke that lingers in between the crevices of your valuables can induce asthma and allergies symptoms.

Professional contents restoration not only repairs your damaged items, but it also treats and disinfects your valuables as well. This reduces the possibility of mold, dry rot and other hazardous substances from spreading in your property. Depending on the level of the damage, Kennedy Restoration will use the appropriate contents restoration method to ensure that your item undergoes the right treatment and care.

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