In times of medical emergencies, people always rely on their local hospitals for help. Hospitals are equipped with the instruments to provide immediate medical attention and to keep people alive in life-threatening situations. As such, it’s vital for hospitals to remain accessible since accidents and traumatic incidents can happen anytime. However, even hospitals can encounter major disruptions, especially when they’re caused by unexpected disasters.

When a building fire or a flood occurs, medical personnel only have a limited time to rectify the situation. They can’t afford any delays because their patients’ lives may be on the line. They also can’t have any of their equipment damaged as they’re expensive to replace. With that said, it’s smart to include Kennedy Carpet in your hospital’s disaster recovery plan.

The Advantages of Having Kennedy Carpet in Your Plan

Having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan is necessary when running a hospital. Being able to control an extremely stressful situation properly gives patients, as well as medical personnel, an increased chance of getting out of the crisis on-time. However, the plan should go beyond evacuation and taking shelter. It’s essential to include a reliable restoration company, like us at Kennedy Carpet, who’s ready to take action when you call.

So if you’re looking for a dependable restoration company in Boston, Massachusetts, contact Kennedy Carpet. We’ve been in the cleaning and restoration business for more than 35 years and have restored numerous commercial properties back to code and regulation standards. We’re armed with the latest cleaning and restoration equipment that can help recover your property fast. Plus, our technicians are fully licensed, certified, and trained to repair all kinds of structural damage.

We Offer Complete Restoration Services

Kennedy Carpet also knows that not all disasters can be treated equally. Fires leave thick layers of smoke and soot while indoor flooding leads to excess moisture. That’s why, depending on your situation, we’ll address the aftermath with our water damage or fire and smoke damage restoration process.

We also provide specialized cleaning and restoration services that target specific items. These include:

We can even restore and renovate your hospital, should your situation turn dire.

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