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Commercial Cleaning & Restoration Services for Hotels in Boston, MA

Hotel restoration

Unfortunately, experiencing water damage in a hotel is an inevitable occurrence, and can happen a lot more than guests think. To maintain a clean, safe and sanitary environment for guests, management should take the initiative to ensure that water-related incidents are taken care of as soon as possible, regardless of whether the damage is big or small.

Hotels and Water Damage

The leading cause of water damage in hotels is similar to residences and other businesses.

Water damage can be caused by a burst pipe, flooding, moisture problems in crawl spaces and basements, damaged equipment, backflow from a faulty sewage system--it can even come from complete accidents, or pranks.

If these things are left unchecked, it can end up costing hotels thousands of dollars in damage every time it occurs, resulting in higher business expenses. These can also mean a significant loss in business, as there is no guest who would like to stay for very long in a poorly-maintained hotel.

Moisture and humidity provides not only a good opening for structural damage, but there's also a great potential for mold growth, which can, at best, be risky and at worst, life-threatening and lethal for the guests. Mold can cause wood to rot, paint to peel and not to mention, an expedited deterioration of the building. Hotel water damage also causes problems for the electrical wiring system, making it a potential fire hazard. All of these problems combined can cost a hotel quite a bit of money in the long run, so regular maintenance and having a qualified repair team on-call to attend to any small mishaps is the best buffer a hotel can have against major losses.

Creating a Hotel Contingency Plan with Kennedy Carpet

So if you ever find yourself in a situation wherein you need help with water damage restoration, look no further than Kennedy Carpet, where we provide the best service and equipment for your hotel repair and restoration needs. Aside from that, we can also help out with upholstery cleaningfire and smoke damage cleanup and disaster renovation, among others.

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Hotel restoration

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