Cleaning to the Deepest Fiber: Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, an advocacy and certification institution for the professional carpet and rug cleaning industry, cleaners use five different methods in their services. The CRI maintains that all of these methods will clean carpet efficiently when used by an expert. Learning these techniques will help you understand the different dynamics that go into returning the shine and sheen of your rugs.

Here are the main methods of carpet cleaning these days:

  1. Absorbent Cleaner – Cleaning with this method involves the use of a solution on the carpet. The solution reacts to the embedded dirt by foaming up and then lifting up the soil particles. The cleaner then removes the foamy part by vacuuming it along with the dirt, leaving only a clean carpet.
  2. Rotary Shampooing – A machine with a circle of brushes pushes special carpet shampoo onto the deepest fibers of the rug.  Similar to the absorbent cleaner method, foam rises from the carpet with specks of dust and dirt which the cleaner removes with a vacuum.
  3. Bonnet Cleaning – This also involves a machine outfitted with a special towel attachment. Instead of applying the solution, the spinning of the towel rubs the dirt right off. The CRI only advises that professionals use this method because the machine can mow a carpet bald if its settings aren’t right.
  4. Dry Method – The cleaner sprays a cleaning powder on the carpet which takes away dust and dirt. Vacuuming removes the powder and dirt residue together.
  5. Hot-Water Extraction – Also called the wet cleaning method, this process uses a steam cleaner in order to remove dust and dirt from the rug’s fabric.

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