Pet Stain and Odor Removal

As pet owners, you have a huge responsibility when it comes to the care and maintenance of your pets. This responsibility extends to the eventual cleanup of any stains – accidental or otherwise – that they may leave behind. This presents a challenge that can sometimes get out of hand, something that can’t always be solved on your own.

Kennedy Carpet has over 35 years of experience when comes to cleaning up after your pets. Our pet stains and odor removal services are handled by our team of professional cleaners. No matter how big or small the stains are, we are more than willing to take on the task.

Getting rid of the stain isn’t the end of your worries, though. Most pet stains leave behind a powerful odor that just can’t be removed so easily. We make sure to not only eliminate all stains, but also remove any related smells that go with it. We utilize “green” stain and odor removal products that clean just as well as any industrial solution while promoting an eco friendly alternative to other brands.

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