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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution does not occur only when you are outdoors. It also happens in homes, offices, malls and schools. In many locations, the indoor air quality is actually poorer and has more contaminants than the outside air.

A number of factors contribute to poor indoor air quality in homes and offices. The list includes mold spores, dust mites, dirt, debris and airborne irritants. While most of these are due to unclean air ducts and improper ventilation, your carpets can also contribute to the poor air quality inside your office.

What Do Carpets Have to Do with Poor Indoor Air Quality?

You might argue that your carpets are under your feet and not floating in the air. But that they still impact the quality of your indoor air. Many contaminants, including dust mites and particulate matter from soot, smoke, aerosols and vapors, can be trapped in your carpets. Even regular vacuuming, which is designed to eliminate these irritants, will stir them up and launch them into the air, contributing to the poor quality of your office air.

This is where commercial carpet cleaning comes in. When you have your carpets cleaned professionally, you get rid of more than just the surface dirt on it. You will be able to get rid of the deep-seated dirt, the dander, the bacterial growths, and other pollutants that make your carpet their home.

When you schedule regular commercial carpet cleaning, you not only get the benefit of consistently clean carpets but also of improved indoor air quality. There will be fewer instances of dust and dander being kicked into the air as people walk through your office, plus there will be a cleaner and fresher smell in the air because of your freshly cleaned carpets.

For your commercial carpet cleaning needs in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas, the company to trust is Kennedy Carpet. We specialize in carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and area rug cleaning. We are also a restoration company that specializes in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and even content restoration.

If you need to improve the air quality of your commercial spaces, you should contact us for help. Not only will you get amazing looking carpets after we are done, but you will also get improved air quality from what we do. Simply call us at 888-369-8626 to schedule an appointment, get a free estimate or learn more about our services.