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How to Start Insurance Claims for Flood Damage

How to Start Insurance Claims for Flood Damage

When your home gets flooded, it is natural for you to feel overwhelmed and in despair because of the damage that such a disaster can cause. Family heirlooms, appliances, furniture, and basically everything you own being buried underwater is not something that is easy to take. If you have flood insurance however, the damage that is caused by such a disaster can be less of a tragedy than it already is.

Having flood damage insurance means that the cost of repairing and replacing what you lost in the flood can be covered by your policy. There is just one catch. To ensure that you do get what you are entitled to, you have to carefully follow the steps that such a claim needs you to make.

Steps for Claiming Flood Damage Insurance

Once the water subsides after you experience a flood, here are the things you need to do to claim financial assistance from your insurance company:

Flooding house
  • Contact your insurance provider – This is the first thing you need to do so that they can send an insurance adjuster to your home as soon as possible. Since a flood usually means that everyone else in your neighborhood can be affected by the inundation, allow a few days for the adjuster to get to you. If they have not sent anyone in three days, call them again. Make sure that you have your policy number and contact information ready when they do arrive.
  • Document the damage but don’t clean – Some people can’t help but start cleaning up the damage after a flood. It is natural for a person to want to return their home to normal as quickly as possible. If you want to claim your flood damage insurance, don’t do this. Instead, take pictures of the damage and document what you have lost in the flood. You can take flooded and damaged items out of your home after taking pictures but do not dispose of them until your adjuster has assessed them.
  • Sign your proof of loss statement – Once your adjuster has inspected your home, you will be given a proof of loss statement to sign. This will certify that the list of items you lost in the flood have been assessed and substantiates your flood damage claim. No amount can be released for repair and restoration without this document.

Restoration and Repair After the Flood

Once you are ready to have your home in Boston, MA repaired and restored after you have the funds from your flood damage claim released, you need to contact a reputable restoration and repair company in the area. Kennedy Carpet is a company that specializes not only in carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning services, but also in flood and storm damage restoration. You can even ask us to give you an estimate on the restoration and repair of your home to give to your adjuster for approval. To contact us, just call 888-369-8626 and schedule your free estimate today.