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How to Prepare Your Home for Vacations

Whenever you get the time to have a long, well-deserved vacation, all you want to do is pack your bags and go. However, before you start thinking about your destination, you have to attend to your home first. Leaving your house in disarray won’t look appealing when you return, so here are several tips on how to prepare your home for when you’re planning a vacation.

Ask a Trusted Neighbor or a Close Family Member or Friend for Help

Prepare Home for Vacations

If your vacation will take more than a few days, ask a trusted neighbor or a family member to watch your home. Your neighbor can pick up the newspaper and mail for you, as well as occasionally park in your driveway to ensure that there’s activity happening around your property. Close family members or friends can stay in your home for a while and take care of the property while you’re away. You can also create a daily schedule for whoever’s watching your home so that your property stays in order. It’s also wise to leave your emergency contact details with them to keep you up to date with whatever could go wrong in your area.

If you don’t have anyone to receive your mail, call your post office and news carrier and ask them to put your newspapers and mail on hold.

Prep Your Home for Any Weather

Many people would agree that the weather is notoriously unpredictable. Even if you leave your area under clear skies, what’s not to say that it can start raining or hailing the day after? To minimize the risk and damage of temperamental weather, take a look at the exposed areas of your property and secure any item that can be blown away by bad weather. If you’re vacationing around the wintertime, check your plumbing system to prevent burst and frozen pipes. For extra precaution, you can turn off your main water valve to stop all leaks and water damage.

Set Your Electrical Appliances and Devices to Energy Saving Mode

Letting your electrical appliances and devices run while you’re away can put a dent in your savings. To mitigate high energy consumption when you’re not at home, it’s wise to unplug your appliances that eat a lot of energy. You may also want to set your refrigerator, water heater, and other devices into vacation mode. If you have home automated systems installed, put them on a setting that’s favorable to helping you consume less energy. Doing this to your electrical appliances and devices also minimizes the risk of power surges and short circuits.

Do General Cleaning

If you want to return to a tidy and fresh smelling living space, you have to clean your home properly before you leave. This means that you have to do more than simply sweep your floors. You have to vacuum the rugs and carpets, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and remove cobwebs and dust. If you don’t have enough time to do all that, you can call professional house cleaning services to help you out.

Do the Dishes and Finish the Laundry

Make sure that the dishwasher, drying rack, washing machine, dryer, and clothesline are emptied. You don’t want to deal with those chores the moment your return from your vacation.

Amp up Your Security

One of the biggest fears many have when they’re on vacation is the security of their property. When burglars know that no one’s home, it’ll be easier for them to break-in with little suspicion. To counter this problem, it’s good to leave a few outside lights on. You may even want to install motion-activated sensors or an outdoor floodlight to save energy. If you have CCTV cameras around your property, don’t turn them off. Finally, add security signs around your property to give the impression that the burglars are always being watched.

Don’t Forget About Your Pets or Plants

You can’t always bring your pet on vacation with you, so it’s a good idea to leave your pets with someone you trust, a pet sitter, or a boarding facility. Make sure that your pet has enough food, treats, and toys to keep busy while you’re away. If you don’t own any pets but have many plants, ask a friend or neighbor to water them regularly.

With your home prepped for your vacation, you can fully relax and enjoy your holiday. The moment you return from your well-deserved rest, everything will be in place, allowing you to sigh in relief.

If you need help cleaning your property before heading off to the airport, beach, or lodge, contact Kennedy Carpet. We offer fast and reliable carpet, area rug, floor, and upholstery cleaning services in Boston, Massachusetts. Just give us a call at 888-369-8626 for free a estimate.