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How to Check for Storm Damage

A storm is a force of nature that you cannot avoid. When it happens, all you can do is wait it out inside your home or someplace safe when evacuation is called for. After the storm has abated, you will need to check your home for any damage that it may have caused.

The trick to checking for storm damage is to know where to look and what to look for. Since storms come in many different forms, you will need to check for damage according to the kind of storm that you just experienced. For example, if you experienced torrential rains due to a thunderstorm, you will want to check areas around your home for flooding, such as your basement.

Here are some of the common storm types you may encounter and where you should check for storm damage:

  • Hailstorm – when hailstorms occur, the damage usually depends on how big the hailstones were and how long the storm lasted. The most common areas where damage can be found when this happens are the roof, your siding, and anything that can be found outside, like your HVAC unit and lawn furniture. You can check these out yourself, but to be on the safe side, have your roof and other inaccessible places checked by a professional.
  • Storms with strong winds – when a storm comes with strong winds, you can expect damage to include missing shingles on your roof and blown off shutters. Dents on your siding from debris hitting it, turned over lawn furniture, and dings on your HVAC unit can also be expected when strong winds come with a storm.
  • Floods and torrential rains – storms that bring lots of water can cause massive damage. Flooding can cause not only structural damage to your home but can also damage your furniture and appliances. It can also damage carpets, rugs, drapes, and other items that water can reach. Even without flooding, water damage can still occur, particularly if there are holes in your roof or your gutter overflows.

What to Do When You Find Your Home Damaged by a Storm

When you discover that your home has suffered damage due to a storm, what you need to do is to contact your insurance provider. You also need to get in touch with a restoration company to help you with the repairs that you need to have made. In Boston, MA, the company you can trust to help with storm damage repair is Kennedy Carpet.

We can help you with structural repairs, water damage restoration, and content restoration for items damaged by flooding and water intrusion. We can also help with storm damage cleanup to remove any debris that the storm may have left on your property and to board up any windows or parts of your home that may have been damaged by the storm. All you need to do to get our help is to contact us at 888-369-8626.