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Cleaning Your Tile & Grout in Showers

Cleaning Your Tile & Grout in Showers

Over time, the tiles and grout in your shower will start to look dull and dirty even after they have been cleaned. That is because of the constant exposure to dirt that is washed off you and your family members, as well as the residue from your bathing products. If you want your bathroom tiles and grout to look as pristine and as clean as the day these were first installed, you need to have them cleaned regularly by a professional.

Some over-the-counter cleaning products actually do more harm than good because their formulas are too abrasive for your grout. That is why it is best to have a certified technician from Kennedy Carpet who understands these situations to handle your tile & grout cleaning needs.

How to Properly Clean the Tile and Grout in Your Bathroom

When you want to clean the tile and grout in your bathroom, here are a few things you need to do:

  • Check your cleaning materials for harshness – Check the cleaning formula to determine if it is an ideal solution for your bathroom tiles and grout. Cleaners that have bleach in them may compromise the water repellent quality of your grout. It may also slowly disintegrate the grout between your bathroom tiles.
  • Seal your tiles and grout after installation – One of the best things you can do to keep your bathroom tiles and grout in pristine condition is to seal them after they are set. This will help keep your grout from losing its water repellency and will allow you to use any bathroom product and cleaner without worry.
  • Choose bathroom products that are not harsh - Believe it or not, your bathroom products, like your shampoo and soap, can be harsher on your tiles and grout than on your skin. Shampoos can contain ingredients that are okay for you but not for tiles or grout. Try using bathing products that are natural and organic if you want your tiles and grout to retain their original look. 

Restore Your Bathroom Tiles to Their Original Condition

When you decide to have your bathroom tiles restored to their original condition, contact the proven professionals from Kennedy Carpet. We also can regrout your tiles and seal them to prolong the fresh look.

Our floor cleaning service will give your bathroom tiles a new lease on life, and with our tile and grout cleaning services, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about your tiles or your grout suffering damage from your standard bathroom cleaners again. Contact us today at 888-369-8626 to schedule an assessment and estimate. We offer professional cleaning services in Boston, MA.