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Cleaning Prevention Tips for Carpet Mold

A carpet covered in mold

Molds may be silent and slow, but  they can create incredible damages if they are not immediately dealt with. If you let the mold manifest in any area of your home, there is a high risk that you and your family members will develop illnesses and diseases that can be detected on your lungs and skins. The best way to prevent molds from conquering your household is to eradicate them as soon as possible; however, that in itself is not an easy task – especially if you find them hiding within your carpets.

The most dangerous aspect of the mold is found in its spores. When molds reproduce, they emit a tiny substance called mycotoxin, and since carpets are made from fibrous materials, it is no surprise that these particles will latch upon their surfaces with ease. If, by any chance, you are exposed to this toxin frequently, lung related diseases and illnesses will soon follow suit.

Mold Prevention Methods

To reduce the occurrence of molds appearing on your carpets, you need to be one step ahead and prevent them from ever showing up. Depending on your carpet’s status, your preferred cleaning method, and the like, you may want to consult these tips on mold prevention.

Reducing Moisture

To reduce the moisture on your carpets, you may generously sprinkle the affected area with baking soda and then leaving it overnight. Once that is done, proceed to vacuum it up. If your carpets are severely drenched, however, hang your carpet over a sturdy clothesline and leave it under the sun for one or two days.

Increase Ventilation

Molds love to grow in damp, and humid spaces, so in order to prevent them from growing on your carpets, you must increase the room’s ventilations. You may regularly open the windows to have the air circulate inside your homes, but if the room does not have any windows, consider using an electric fan or a dehumidifier.

Chemical Products

Chemical products such as anti-mold treatment, carpet cleaning products, and chlorine dioxide should do the trick. You must remember, however, that when using these products, you must be cautious and reverently follow their directions – which can be found on its label. Applying these products incorrectly may damage your carpets and even injure you.

Routine Cleanup

Vacuuming, beating, and occasionally steaming will not only help retain your carpet’s appearance, but also give molds a harder time to grow. By directly targeting the source, your indoor living environment will be safe from these pesky organisms.

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