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Clean House: Basic Vacuum Attachments and Their Use

A brand-new carpet won’t last long if it’s not kept clean regularly. The best way to do so would be to run a vacuum cleaner every now and then to remove dirt and sediments. The same rings true for tile and wood floors.

But since vacuum cleaners come with a range of attachments, which ones should be used? The short answer is: it depends. Here is a quick run-through of the three main categories of attachments and what they’re meant for.


These are the most common kind of vacuum cleaner attachment and they’re often used for picking up dirt from carpets. Special nozzles for upholstery and curtains are also out on the market. Meanwhile, some nozzles feature rubber bumpers, making it ideal for suctioning liquids off floors.


Brushes are designed to loosen up dirt from dry surfaces before sucking them all up. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Larger, rectangular ones are designed for use on floors, while smaller rounded ones are meant for dusting up tabletops and shelves. There are specialized brushes for radiators and air conditioner vents. And there are even brushes designed for use on pets, to pick up loose fur.

Brushes also sport different kinds of bristles, ranging from natural hair to artificial plastic ones, or a combination of the two. Some brush attachments also have a rotating feature to allow more flexibility.

Crevice Tools

As the name suggests, crevice tools are meant for hard-to-reach areas. These may just look like long, boring tubes from afar, but can be very helpful when cleaning up behind furniture or appliances. Some of these tools even feature flexible necks to reach even the tightest of spots.


Wands are simply a fancy name for the long pipes that are used to extend the reach of the initial hose. Like crevice tools, they are used for hard-to-reach spots that need to be cleaned, such as ceilings. 

Specialized Tools

Some vacuum cleaners have extra attachments that can be used for a variety of tasks. Wet vacuums may include pipe and drain attachments to clean up plumbing and squeegees for tiles. Special car kits are also available, usually containing smaller parts to get into the nooks and crannies of a vehicle.

However, if the dirty carpet or floor is beyond any vacuuming, then it’s time to call in the experts. For floor and carpet cleaning services in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas, call Kennedy Carpets at 888-369-8626 for a free estimate.