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Kennedy Carpet offers you blogs and articles covering hot topics in the industry

Click on any of the links within this section to discover the latest and greatest information in our industry. Keep an eye out for cleaning tips and ways to avoid catastrophes in your home or business. We are constantly updating this section, so please stay tuned! If you need to at any time, feel free to contact us!

Top Fire Safety Tips Families

We share some fire safety tips you can follow in order to protect your loved ones from the dangers of fire accidents in Boston, Massachusetts and Surrounding Areas.

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Get Rid Smoke Soot Fire Disasters Immediately

Smoke and soot from fire accidents can seriously affect people’s health and cause property damage to your home or commercial property in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Clean Your Floors The Right Way

Cleaning your floors can be such a bother at times. You have to consider the floor material as well as what type of cleaning solution to use for them.

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Tips How Keep Your Car Upholstery Spotless

Everyday use of your vehicle can make your car upholstery extremely dirty. For car upholstery cleaning services in Boston, MA, and surrounding areas, please call Kennedy Carpet today.

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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning solutions providers offer different methods of carpet cleaning. Learn about them in this blog post.

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The Benefits Of Hiring Professionals To Clean Your Upholstery

Your sofa sees heavy use during your leisure or down time. Professional upholstery cleaning keeps them clean and prolongs their service life.

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Must Have Cleaning Supplies And Tools For Your Carpet

Is carpet cleaning a chore? Use the following tools and supplies to make carpet cleaning a breeze.

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Hardwood Choices Natural Elegant Flooring Options For Your Home

Hardwood flooring comes in options of solid wood, engineered wood, and acrylic impregnated wood. Learn about each one here.

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Why You Should Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning services provide intangible value to any business like increased team productivity.

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Why You Need To Switch To Green Carpet Cleaning

Green carpet cleaning is necessary to avoid chemically overloading your home in Boston, MA.

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