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Kennedy Carpet offers you blogs and articles covering hot topics in the industry

Click on any of the links within this section to discover the latest and greatest information in our industry. Keep an eye out for cleaning tips and ways to avoid catastrophes in your home or business. We are constantly updating this section, so please stay tuned! If you need to at any time, feel free to contact us!

What Are The Benefits Of Contents Restoration

Though some people might see this service as excessive, it provides three distinct benefits that could help other individuals.

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Cleaning Prevention Tips For Carpet Mold

To reduce the occurrence of molds appearing on your carpets, you need to be one step ahead and prevent them from ever showing up.

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Choosing a Kid-Friendly Carpet for Your Home

When you are caring for small children, there are important decisions that must take priority when selecting flooring.

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Dirt Resistant Flooring Options Should Consider For Home

Generally, any flooring that has a flat and smooth surface makes for a perfect candidate if you want to get rid of dirt.

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How To Remove Cigarette Smell From Carpet

Although carpets and rugs are great additions to any space, they are notorious stain and odor magnets

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Safe Cleaning Solutions For Carpet

Some cleaning solutions are so powerful that when constantly used, it will affect the carpet’s texture, color, and its overall lifespan.

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Diy Carpet Cleaning Tips

Solving simple problems, like spilled coffee or smeared cheese powder, can be treated by people like yourselves.

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How To Prevent Water Pipes Breaking

Flooding happens due to many reasons, and one of the usual causes of flooding in homes and buildings is when water pipes break.

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Clean House Basic Vacuum Attachments And Their Use

Since vacuum cleaners come with a range of attachments, which ones should be used? The short answer is: it depends.

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Important Things To Remember When Your Home Gets Flooded

Your home can get flooded for many different reasons, and these include broken pipes, blocked drainage systems, and even something as simple as someone leaving a faucet on.

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