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Kennedy Carpet offers you blogs and articles covering hot topics in the industry

Click on any of the links within this section to discover the latest and greatest information in our industry. Keep an eye out for cleaning tips and ways to avoid catastrophes in your home or business. We are constantly updating this section, so please stay tuned! If you need to at any time, feel free to contact us!

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Made by Pet Owners

Having a pet means there will eventually be pet-related stains on your carpets or area rugs. You want to avoid making mistakes while removing them and we can help.

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Cleaning Your Tile & Grout in Showers

When you want your bathroom tiles and grout to look pristine, you need to contact Kennedy Carpet. We have the equipment and expertise to prolong their look and lifespan.

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How to Start Insurance Claims for Flood Damage

To ensure that you get what you are entitled to when you claim your flood damage insurance, you should make sure that you follow all the steps needed in filing your claim.

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Why Hire a Professional for Contents Restoration

When disasters happen, the items you have in your home or your office can suffer from damage too. These can still be restored with the help of professional content restoration specialists.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that how clean or how dirty your carpets are can affect the quality of the air in your office? Find out how a thorough carpet cleaning can help you deal with poor air quality.

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How Often Should You Get Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Some companies don’t have a maintenance plan for cleaning their carpet and only address the issue when there are visible stains. That is poor planning, because commercial carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis to properly protect your investment.

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Different Causes Of Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage does not happen only during natural disasters and major storms. It can also happen due to human error and other unpredictable circumstances that have nothing to do with nature.

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Why You Should Let The Professionals Clean Your Tiles And Grout

Even though you may be tempted to clean tile and grout by yourself, it's always a better idea to let the professionals handle it. Keep reading to find out why it’s better to get professional tile and grout cleaning.

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How To Deal With An Appliance Leak

The most common problem is an appliance leak – a disaster many homeowners find difficult to mitigate. Fortunately, if you follow these tips, you can keep water damage at bay and save your damaged appliance before it becomes unusable.

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Removing Stains From Your Wool Carpet

Depending on what spilled on your wool carpet or rug, you can easily handle the stain by applying simple cleaning techniques.

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