Tufted Rug Cleaning

A tufted rug makes a perfect addition to properties that regularly experience high foot traffic. Even if it feels and looks like a delicate piece, a tufted rug is quite durable and long lasting.

The reason for the rug’s strength is its creation process. And for the tufted rug, it can be made in two different ways: 1) machine made or 2) hand-tufted method. If you are looking for a tufted rug with an evenly spread backing, then the machine made is your best option. But if you prefer purchasing a tufted rug with more character, hand-tufted rugs offer that personal touch.

What Makes Hand Tufted Rugs Special?

The hand-tufted approach may not match the speed of a machine, but it requires a shorter creation time than most handcrafted rugs. Unlike its hand-knotted counterpart, hand-tufted rugs do not require any knot tying. Instead, it is made with a “tufting gun” that pushes the loops of wool through the imprinted backing. After that, the scrim (which acts like another foundation) is applied with latex glue before adding the final cloth backing. This speedy process makes hand-tufted rugs more affordable and widely available for purchase.

No matter how your tufted rug is made, one thing is certain. You have to utilize your rug’s potential to the fullest. Since the tufted rug is quite tough, it can last you up to 20 years. To get it to age well, however, you need to properly maintain its appearance and function. Needless to say, this is always easier said than done.

Call Kennedy Carpet for All Your Professional Rug Cleaning Needs

Even if you regularly clean your tufted rug, it can still encounter a couple of problems. Spills and blemishes that have been ignored will damage your piece over time, and removing them is not an easy task. You need special equipment to completely get rid of bad odors, dye bleeds, and rug fiber shedding. And if you are looking for a rug cleaning company in Boston, Massachusetts, contact Kennedy Carpet and we’ll be happy to take care of your tufted rug.

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