A Clean Bill of Wealth: Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

Entrepreneurs believe in performing tasks themselves rather than outsourcing it to someone else. Of course, taking on work outside of their job descriptions is equal to paying themselves.  Although this is an admirable attitude, sometimes it is better to hire a professional to do work like cleaning. Botched work can cost businesses more than their owners could anticipate. What some have seen is a kind of carelessness that is tantamount to neglect, which, according to writer Rose Kennedy, causes more lost business “every year than any other cause.”

This is particularly true of cleaning. If there is anything you need to leave to the professionals, it is the task of cleaning your office or commercial establishment. This investment will give you intangible value such as:

Increased Productivity and Focus from Your Team

The Japanese have a belief: you are the room you’re in. If your office is full of cluttered sheets of paper and stacks of non-working devices, what do you think is going on in the minds of your employees? Clean as you go is a great house rule for any office but there are just some cleaning tasks your employees should not do. Simplify their lives in the office by outsourcing your more time intensive cleaning work to providers like Kennedy Carpet Cleaning.

Increased Service Life from Assets

The act of cleaning is essentially an act of preservation. Air-conditioning units don’t have to work so hard if their filters are regularly cleaned and because they are not burdened by the dust build-up, their parts don’t wear out so fast. If your office uses an area rug, regular cleaning adds years to its life since dirt is removed from its deepest fibers – dirt that degrades the material of the rug and wears it out faster than it should. The same principle also applies to upholstery.

This value alone shows why commercial cleaning is a wise investment. You don’t have to keep buying furniture and equipment when your original assets still look good as new thanks to professionals.

Increased Customer Confidence

Do you watch restaurant make-over reality shows where a famous restaurateur visits a failing commercial establishment? These shows usually show little things like cracks in the walls, dirty and unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink, rotting food in the fridge, chipped and unsealed flooring, cockroaches – in short, things that make customers remark that a place is a dump.

Customers judge businesses through their appearance first. Investing in cleanliness guarantees that first-timers become repeat visitors and buyers.

As this list shows, commercial cleaning by professional service providers will give your business intangible value for your monetary investment. If you need a team of professionals to give your office, store, or commercial establishment a total sprucing up, count on Kennedy Carpet Cleaning to deliver results. You can get in touch with us through our 888-536-6339 number or by filling out the contact form. We’ll give your business a boost and a clean bill of wealth. Contact us today!

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