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Silk Rug Cleaning in Boston, MA

Cleaning an expensive silk rug can easily lead to disaster, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Silk can easily be damaged because of its very sensitive nature if not handled in the correct manner. Many people have assumed that it would be cheaper to save on cleaning costs by doing it themselves, only to spend more on restoration costs because of a botched job.

This is why it’s best to leave things to the professionals. Kennedy Carpet has the experience and expertise when it comes to silk rug cleaning. Having gone through so many of these rugs throughout the decades, we know exactly all the nuances when it comes to taking care of your silk rug.

Common Silk Rug Cleaning Mistakes

The first and most common mistake many people make when cleaning silk carpets is incorrect vacuum use. While it is entirely possible to use a vacuum to give your rug a quick maintenance run, you have to be mindful not to use any additional attachments while doing so. Excessive vacuuming, especially with brushes, can pull at the rug’s fibers, wear it down and eventually make it look uneven in some areas. This is why some would rather use the slow brushing method of a broom when cleaning their silk carpets.

Spills and stains are another big challenge for silk rugs. Because of the fineness of its fibers, it is actually relatively easy to scoop out the more solid particles of the spill and segregate them from the area. The next step involves blotting out the rest of the liquids and easing it out of the rug instead of pushing them around the material.

However, another common mistake people make when treating stains is the liberal use of commercial detergents to remove the more permanent stains that have already settled into the rug. While this will certainly remove any stain, it does tend to discolor the rug and reduce its vibrant look.

Leaving It to the Experts

You can trust us at Kennedy Carpet to take care of all your silk rug cleaning needs. Our cleaning methods are both reliable and have been tested throughout the years. We’ll be sure to return your silk rug in the same condition as the day that you bought them. To find out more, please contact us at 888-369-8626. You can also leave an inquiry through our Contact Us page.

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